Absolute return

Many plan sponsors have turned to absolute return strategies in search of higher alpha and greater diversification. We offer three types of absolute return strategies.

Multiple asset strategies

Invesco's Multiple Asset Strategies team manages a competitive line-up of absolute return solutions for some of the most sophisticated plan sponsors around the world.

Quantitative strategies

The Invesco Quantitative Strategies team manages market-neutral products using a proven model that ranks the most attractive and least attractive securities based on fundamental equity factors.

Name Benchmark
Multiple asset strategies
Global Targeted Returns 3-Month Euribor
Active Currency Management N/A
Global Tactical Asset Allocation Overlay N/A
Quantitative strategies
Equitized U.S. Market Neutral S & P 500® Index
U.S. Market Neutral Cash Strategies Citi 90-Day Treasury Bill

Invesco Institutional - Absolute return