Canadian equities

Invesco Institutional is able to offer Canadian equity strategies managed by both our Invesco Canada and Invesco Fundamental Equities investment centres.

Invesco has managed Canadian equities since the firm's inception in 1981 and has a well-established Canadian Equity management team whose members work collaboratively to promote a team approach. The Invesco Fundamental Equities team has managed Canadian equity growth strategies since 1990.

You can choose equity products managed by either distinct investment team. Each has clearly articulated processes and philosophies.

Fundamental strategies

Our Canadian fundamental equity strategies are principally managed by Invesco Canada, headquartered in Toronto. Our Canadian growth strategies are managed by team members in Austin, Texas at Invesco Fundamental Equities. These fundamental strategies span:

  • Pure and total Canadian equity
  • Investment styles (growth, value and core/blend)
  • Diversified, balanced investment philosophies

Name Benchmark
Fundamental strategies
Pure Canadian Equity Pool S&P/TSX Composite
Total Canadian Equity – Value 65% S&P/TSX/35% MSCI World
Canadian Balanced – Value 35% S&P/TSX/25%MSCI World/35% DEX Universe/5% 91-T-Bill
Canadian Balanced – Growth 35% S&P/TSX/25%MSCI World/35% DEX Universe/5% 91-T-Bill
Total Canadian Equity – Growth 60% S&P/TSX/40% MSCI World
Total Canadian Small Cap BMO Nesbitt Burns Canadian Small Cap

Invesco Institutional - Canadian equities